Semi-Custom Design; Social Media

Get engaged with your audience!

When it comes to social media, there are two golden rules that every company should have in mind: Branding & Consistency. With these two concepts close at hand, you and your team can conquer the art of engagement.

Social Media Branding

Be sure that your brand is visible and active on every social media outlet where you, your industry colleagues, and your target market can be found. It’s very important for your community to see your cohesive presence, from avatar design to branded graphics. Your image needs to be polished and clear on every medium.

Our designers are among the savviest, and they know how to make you look like you have your (beep) together. Whether it’s a well-thought-out Facebook cover image, or 3rd party applications with specialty artwork, the Semicolyn team is here to provide a practical punch to your online activities.

Social Consistency

More important than how you say something is when you say it! The time in which your voice is heard, is directly related to who is listening. The team at Semicolyn will provide, not only insight into your target market’s social media habits, but also give you the tools to effectively communicate with them.

These tools help you to strategize, plan, schedule and execute messages in a consistent way that creates a sense of reliability in the eyes of your consumer. And, we all know that it’s great to have people know us, like us, and trust us … because that is when sales happen! We believe that social media efforts are a driving force behind increasing your online traffic and subsequently your conversion (a.k.a. the bottom line!!)

If you’re ready to get engaged, let’s get started today!