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RELEASE: Practical Punch {Branding+Website}

Posted by: Semicolyn in Brands, Practical Punch

We are so thrilled to announce our newest client creation: branding and website design for Practical Punch! The brand’s name speaks to its ‘work meets play’ attitude. Featuring inspirational quotes, motivational thoughts, and great advice for professional women everywhere, this logo had to make a punch! (pun possibly intended!) The cool blue color tones gave the confetti some depth but also spoke to the client’s corporate background. As you will see on her business card, she proudly proclaims “Corporate by day, Lifestyle Blogger by night!”

Practical Punch was a fun client for another reason…Alt Summit. For those who are unfamiliar, Alt Summit is a blogging convention (as described in the lamest words possible) — it’s actually a jam-packed, multi-day extravaganza bringing together the most creative bloggers and writers the internet has to offer. The bar is set high at this conference for all who dare to walk in and hand out a business card. You wouldn’t believe the creativity that can be seen at this conference, also deemed the ‘Business Card Superbowl!’ Our challenge was tough, but with Lynda and Britt on our team… we knew we would knock it out the park. (Yes, we have now switched from football to baseball, ladies and gentlemen)  As we brush our shoulders off, we’ll share some insider secrets: it’s all about the design looking good on amazing paper! Britt brought the logo to life with her mad ombré confetti skills.  Lynda chose a double thick cover for Practical Punch‘s business cards… and she didn’t stop there. Two words… Painted – Edges!!!!  This perfectly paired color combo makes this business card soar to the next level of ‘WOW’.

As we stated above, we truly could not be more thrilled to introduce to you… the new branding for Practical Punch! Enjoy!

Semicolyn-Website-Design-Logo-Branding_1203 Semicolyn-Website-Design-Logo-Branding_1204 Semicolyn-Website-Design-Logo-Branding_1205 Semicolyn-Website-Design-Logo-Branding_1206